So I guess this is meant to be a little about me section. I doubt many people are curious, but if you are, here you go. My name is Woolie; Wools for you ladies, Wool for short and Woolziack if ya cool.

I can't help to say that eating is one of my fav. things to do in my spare time. I enjoy watching people dance, blowing bubbles, texting, dressing up, playing random games online, and possibly anything out of the ordinary.

A spork is definitely something I wish I invented.

Other things I tend to do in my spare time:
Ride on escalators
Play tetris
Play w/ Sudoku
Wish on 11:11
Find bubble wrap and popping 'em
Getting cereal box prizes

Fuzzy Socks and hoodies make me feel warm and safe!

My blog is dedicated to stories/pictures/blurbs of my life whenever I'm traveling. But I also love random memes of animals and food, and other funny/inspirational things.

Question me.

The Feed a Mammoth Project.

The Ordinary Life of a Mammoth.

Mammoth Abroad